Rent a Bike in Corralejo

The option of renting a bicycle will give you the opportunity to plan the tours according to your rhythms and interests.
You can use the bicycle as an economic means of transport to visit Corralejo or to reach the beautiful beaches that are nearby. If you are trained or rent electric bikes, you can already visit the volcanic chain that starts from Corralejo to reach Lajares, reach El Cotillo and hundreds of other landscape attractions in the north of Fuerteventura.
The bicycle can be collected directly in our office from 9am to 1pm and can be returned from 5.30pm to 6.30pm. Bicycle rental is permitted for more than one day only if the bike remains inside the house overnight.

In the map we only give you some suggestions for your excursions in the northern part of the island:

1) The Volcano Track (green route) starts from Corralejo y following the whole volcanic chain and reaches the Parque olandes via Villaverde. It is an all-off route of aprox 30Km of average diicolta with different climbs and descents.

2) Track Dunes (purple path 10km aprox.) Starts from Corralejo and ride through the Natural Park Dunes of Corralejo passing among the most 'beautiful beaches. Follow an almost flat asphalted starda so the difficulty is easy.

3) Desert Track (20km aprox yellow route) starts from Lajares and crosses a desert area in a sandy area that passes through the Esquinso area to reach the west coast of Fuerteventura. It's all off-road with several non-extreme gradients. The difficulty setting: average.

4) Costal Track (red route of 30Km aprox) starts from Corralejo and following the entire north coast passes through Majanicho, an ancient village of percatori, El Cotillo arriving up to Playa dell�€™Esquinso. The route is completely off-road and mainly flat, winding through the most beautiful beaches and surfing spots on the island. In El Cotillo there are several hairpin bends

5) Cycle Track (10km blue route) is a cycle path inside the island that connects the volcan track with the desert track and costal track. It is a flat and easy route to access and connect the other tracks and avoid making roads through which cars pass.


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